Hackerspace in Renens near Lausanne, Switzerland since 2010.

The space is open on different days, check the open status on the website (top-left) and twitter, mastodon, the chat, the calendar and the wiki...

Free and open for everyone.

Concert des Tendinites

Concert du groupe de reprise métal du Hackerspace, les Tendinites.

Samedi 11 novembre 2023 à 20h !



FixMyKids #1 - Samedi 11 février 14-18h

Let's bring our kids to FIXME !

Join us for a fun and educational workshop where kids will create their very own LED lamp! Using an Arduino Nano, kids will solder a LED light strip and glue it onto a round wooden wheel to make a unique and eye-catching lamp. Then, using code, they will make the lights blink in various patterns. This hands-on activity will ignite their creativity and enhance their technical skills while they bring their lamp to life.

For the first edition, we leaning toward building an LED lamp similar to https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2873557 using the Arduino nanos we currently have in stock.

This event is designed for kids with their parents organizing the activies, it is not meant as a i-have-the-afternoon-free style outsourced activity.

Free and open for everyone, French, German and English.

rC3 - Chaos Communication Congressless

This year again the Chaos Communication Congress takes place in remote form only, decentralized to hackerspaces (JEV: Jahresendveranstaltungen).

Come gather at FIXME for a re-creation of the original CCC experience in your favorite Hackerspace.

27-30th December 2022, afternoon and evening.


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