Hackerspace in Renens near Lausanne, Switzerland since 2010.

The space is open on different days, check the open status on the website (top-left) and twitter, mastodon, the chat, the calendar and the wiki...

Free and open for everyone.

Events update

Here's the events for this month,

11.12.2012 19h: General Assembly
State of the association for 2012, discussion and decisions for the future, ...

13.12.2012 19h: PCB Etching
First try of pcb etching at fixme, with the toner method.

Some news about projects at Fixme

LED Retrofit

LED Retrofit All the RGB Led strips are installed in the Hackerspace. They are driven by an Arduino. Now we can set a color or make it blink. People are now working on the Arduino sketch to write our API. The goal is to call this API from internal services and applications.

Coming events

(mis à jour le 3 octobre 2012)

Voici les évènements à venir chez FIXME,

26 septembre 2012: Short talks: GIT, Haskell

28-30 septembre 2012: CTF CSAW
Participation au Capture The Flag (concours de hacking éthique) CSAW.
On y sera depuis vendredi vers 22h. Tout le monde bienvenu!


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