Hackerspace in Renens near Lausanne, Switzerland since 2010.

The space is open on different days, check the open status on the website (top-left) and twitter, mastodon, the chat, the calendar and the wiki...

Free and open for everyone.

Short Talks

Monday, July 11th, takes place the first Short Talks event. It'll start around 20:00.

Here is the program:

  • Differences/Advantages of Emacs over Vim
  • Android developement introduction
  • Suprise talk

Do not hesitate to come over, it's a free event !

Weekly meetings

The weekly meetings have been scheduled every Wednesday. The space will open from 7pm until all active members leave.
So don't be shy to come over and do some coding that you would do at home, or simply have a chat and a drink, we've got plenty of Club Mate.


Last week took place our first workshop at the hackerspace: Reverse Engineering 101.

Marc presented the base of binary reverse engineering using IDA, a well known disassembler.
The Agenda was the following:

  • Assembly base
  • IDA walkthrough (find reference, follow, rename, pseudocode view)
  • Binary disassembly (W32, ELF)
  • Dynamic debugging (remotely with gdbserver on a *nix box)

The workshop was a great success, about 15 people were present enjoying the space with beers and snacks.


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