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3D Thursdays

When we meet

  • Every first Thursday of the month We meet at the Tap-Room La Nébuleuse and just chill, drink, talk. You can also ask any questions about 3D or anything graphics related, share your creations, problems, ideas.
  • Every third (3rd!) Thursday of the month We usually start at 19h by an apéro and networking, talking about everything. At 20h we start an official presentation on a given subject

This meeting is open to everyone! 2D/ 3D artists / fans / gamedevs / Game Designers / VR geeks / VFX nerds.

Meetup group to join (or just come to the space):

Next meeting

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Potential subjects/activities/ideas

Réalité Virtuelle

  • Discuss devices, techniques and challenges


  • Demo or workshop about a specific workflow (scuplting, 3d printing, tracking, modeling)
  • using Blender as a free video editor

3D Printing

  • modeling and mesh creations

Painting (textures, matte)

  • painting 101


  • Discussion about open-source VS commercial in the industry (trolls welcomed)
  • Render engines nerdy talks
  • Computer vision