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When creating a batch, we set a deadline, which allows to order burgers until it is reached. It is possible to modify the deadline if a batch is not locked.

When the deadline is reached, it is not possible to place orders, and the option to lock a batch becomes available. When a batch is locked, the deadline cannot be modified anymore, and the option to print the batch becomes available, as well as the possibility to mark orders as paid. Printing batches by clicking on the "Print" button allows to get a nicely formatted print, which looks different from on the screen (using CSS @media). Currently, only Opera seems to get it properly on Linux, tested with Firefox 12 and Chromium.

When all orders are marked as Paid (by clicking on the corresponding red button), the option to close a batch becomes available. When closed, a batch does not appear on the dashboard anymore.


  • New Batch -> Place orders, edit deadline
  • Deadline met -> Edit deadline, lock batch
  • Batch locked -> Print batch, mark orders as paid
  • All orders paid -> Close batch

Website Information

  • Uses the CakePHP Framework (PHP + MySQL)
  • Root Web directory: foo:/home/burgers/www
  • Useful scripts and information in foo:/home/burgers

Updating the site

  1. git clone ssh://gitolite@git.fixme.ch:1337/burgers
  2. Make your modifications
  3. Push to the repo
  4. Log into foo and execute these scripts:
sudo /home/burgers/git-update.sh
sudo /home/burgers/set-permissions.sh

To do

  • Complete the database with prices and drinks
  • Refine the batch-print page to improve efficiency
  • Fix print output in browsers other than Opera (which does pretty well so far)

Project Leader