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We got a Stabo xm2000[1] Citizen Band radio, without power chord. Possibly broken.


Power rating: 13.2VDC nominal, must not exceed 15VDC Antenna impedance: 50 Ohm. DO NOT TX WITHOUT AN ANTENNA CONNECTED. Ext. loudspeaker impedance: 4Ohm.

Power connector

Connector similar to C8[2] but smaller: 2 pin. pin spacing: almost 4mm, width: 13mm height: 6mm with one notch on top

According to:

[3] (Not same model -xm3003e- yet looks similar)

In the original power cord, there is a 2A fuse... 800mA max while transmitting.


* Fit 2A fuse and usable screw//b/ connecting block to power connector
* See if it turns on / troubleshoot
* If so, hook/make an antenna
* Chat with truck drivers

Interested persons