Last modified on 27 June 2018, at 23:49

LED Lighting



  • A service has been created to be on Foo to control the leds through an API
  • Everything is in the repo, but it's a python script using Flask that runs on Apache though wsgi
  • Usage example:
curl -XGET
curl -XGET
curl -XPOST -d 'do=on'
curl -XPOST -d 'do=off'
curl -XPOST -d 'do=police'
curl -XPOST -d 'do=color&r=255&g=0&b=0'


  • Each line are controlled by a wifi device
  • Here the list of the current IPs and MAC addresses:	60:01:94:96:09:0C	DC:4F:22:81:56:8A	DC:4F:22:81:3B:FE	DC:4F:22:81:5D:F5	60:01:94:95:8A:A8	60:01:94:95:A6:E0	60:01:94:95:A6:E1	DC:4F:22:81:5E:03	DC:4F:22:81:53:37	DC:4F:22:81:53:33


From North to South:	DC:4F:22:81:3B:FE	DC:4F:22:81:56:8A	60:01:94:96:09:0C	60:01:94:95:A6:E1	DC:4F:22:81:53:33	DC:4F:22:81:5E:03

From East to West:	60:01:94:95:8A:A8	DC:4F:22:81:53:37	60:01:94:95:A6:E0	DC:4F:22:81:5D:F5


The TRON also has some LEDs in it.	60:01:94:95:EB:D7	(Background)	60:01:94:95:79:0E	(Header - Top)	60:01:94:91:3A:41	(Header - Bottom)

Notice: There is actually two different controller for the header as it requires quite a lot of power.