RC3 2021

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December 27-30, 2021 NOW/HERE


As we're all missing the usual in-person Congress, we're planning to do a local gathering at FIXME in December 27-30, feel free to join and bring your own ideas! Local will be opened everyday from beginning of afternoon to late night, just like the regular CCC schedule.



2D worlds


  • Remote conferences / Talks ideas
    • Faces of Engineers
    • Intro to Radio stuff
    • Lightning Talks accross hackerspaces
    • (Typescript)
  • Geneva hackerspace telepresence (over jitsi meet ?)
  • Teletext Hacking
  • Soldering kit
  • Dedicated jam zone with live music (AKA uBerhgain)
    • Mix
    • Synth (OP-1, Volcas, Modular, ...)
    • Guitar/Drums

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