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Regulatory conferences or workshop nights @ FIXME.


  • Fri 18.05.2018: OSINT for beginners (with examples) by Noskill
  • Fri 25.05.2018: Build your own IoT device with ESP32 by BinaryBrain
  • Fri 15.06.2018: Programming Language eonology for trolls by Marv
  • Fri 27.07.2018: Python for dummies by Nemen
  • Fri 17.08.2018: VHDLise ta mère by Philou
  • Fri 14.09.2018: Kubes and Qubes by Francois
  • Fri 12.10.2018: Random tidbits and retro stuff by Fzn
  • Fri 23.11.2018: Python, will it Blend(er)? by Oenvoyage
  • Fri 14.12.2018: How I started at FIXME and ended up at Google by Gcmalloc
  • You!