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People coming to the 28c3

Name Ticket? Train? Backpacker?
François Yes Yes Yes
MarcF Yes Yes Yes
JB Yes Yes Yes
Johannes Yes TODO yes
Fred yes yes yes
Simon +1 Yes no TODO
Mathias Yes No No
Jonas Yes No Yes
Gcmalloc Yes TODO TODO
Undert +1 Yes No No
Total 12 4 6





 From 27. - 30.12.11 we still have a 6-bedded en-suite room available (shower/wc) .
 The room is priced at EUR 169.- per room per night incl. buffet breakfast (7:00-12:00)


It would be cool to have a reserved FIXME-table downstairs. Anyone knows where we should ask ?

  • We need to wait for the Wiki page (answer from #28c3)
  • Simon says: "I prefer tables on the first floor. More light, more air!"
  • "activists working on cool projects" are preferred: http://events.ccc.de/congress/2011/wiki/Projects Deadline for submitting a cool project is 8. December.

28c3 Phone numbers

Phone number registering: https://www.eventphone.de

Phone list

Name Extension Type
Fred 91320 GSM
François 91321 GSM
Rorist (JB) 97331 GSM
Marc 98789 GSM

FIXME T-shirt

  • Create a logo for the front and a text for the back ?
  • Use logo N°5

No nerd left behind


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