How to create an event

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Fixme is an excellent place to organise all your awesome events. We welcome everything relating to technology, electronics, hacking, making, meetups, cryptocurrencies, competitions, talks, conferences, (relevant) politics, and much more! We already hold numerous events every month - at least one event a week, with one large event a month at a minimum. Check out our calendar!

Questions to answer first

  • What is the topic? (i.e. Coding Night, Cryptoparty, Talk, Workshop, ...)
  • What is the target? (i.e. Fixme members, extern people, adults, children, ...)
  • What resources are required? (i.e. the hackerspace, electronics tools, electronics parts, ...)
  • Who can help me to organize? (i.e. things can be done faster/easier if you do not try to do it alone)
  • Is the date available ?

Plan the event

  • Create a wiki page using the project template.
  • Get/Order the resources to be sure to get it on time.
  • Check the Fixme Event calendar to find possible dates for the event.
  • Open a Framadate and spread the word (Mailing-List, IRC, weekmail, twitter, facebook, ...).
  • Select the most popular date (yes, it's obvious, I know...)
  • Plan the event early: 1 month is good most of the times, the earlier the better

Communicate about the event

  • Think about a poster to promote your event (There is a poster template for Fixme events). File:Poster.tgz
  • Once the date is known, promote!
    • spread the info on the mailing list,
    • update the wiki page with this date,
    • update the topic on #Fixme IRC chan,
    • create an event on the Fixme Facebook page,
    • post the event and date on Twitter,
    • prepare a short description for the weekmail.
    • You may use events script to create event (FIXME it's broken)
  • Communicate 1 week and the day before the event (people tend to forget)

During the event