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  • Our ceiling is covered with ~100m of LED strips
  • 5050 RGB 60 LED/m strips that were previously used for this art instalation
  • Controlled using Magic Home controllers and custom software built around the flux_led library
  • Powered by 12v 30a JCPOWER power supplies



If the LEDs blinks red/green/blue, it means they have been reseted, usually by turning them on and off too many times.

You will have to set up the wifi again using the smartphone app for instance, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zengge.wifi

Add them to the FIXME_NAT network one by one and it should be good to go again.


curl https://led.fixme.ch/ -XGET
curl https://led.fixme.ch/status -XGET
curl https://led.fixme.ch/ctrl -XPOST -d 'do=on'
curl https://led.fixme.ch/ctrl -XPOST -d 'do=off'
curl https://led.fixme.ch/ctrl -XPOST -d 'do=police'
curl https://led.fixme.ch/ctrl -XPOST -d 'do=color&r=255&g=0&b=0'


  • Each line are controlled by a wifi device
  • Here the list of the current IPs and MAC addresses:	60:01:94:96:09:0C	DC:4F:22:81:56:8A	DC:4F:22:81:3B:FE	DC:4F:22:81:5D:F5	60:01:94:95:8A:A8	60:01:94:95:A6:E0	60:01:94:95:A6:E1	DC:4F:22:81:5E:03	DC:4F:22:81:53:37	DC:4F:22:81:53:33


From North to South:	DC:4F:22:81:3B:FE	DC:4F:22:81:56:8A	60:01:94:96:09:0C	60:01:94:95:A6:E1	DC:4F:22:81:53:33	DC:4F:22:81:5E:03

From East to West:	60:01:94:95:8A:A8	DC:4F:22:81:53:37	60:01:94:95:A6:E0	DC:4F:22:81:5D:F5


The TRON also has some LEDs in it.	60:01:94:95:EB:D7	(Background)	60:01:94:95:79:0E	(Header - Top)	60:01:94:91:3A:41	(Header - Bottom)

Notice: There is actually two different controller for the header as it requires quite a lot of power.