RMLL/LSM 2012 : First time out of France

From the 7th july to the 12th took place the LSM (Libre Software Meeting) in Geneva, for the first time out of france. It was hosted in Geneva, after the Liège cancellation. It was a rush of 9 monthes for the Geneva application; thanks to the Free IT Foundation and the organizers for all the work.


We shared our booth at the "Boulevard du Libre" with the Geneva Hackerspace Post Tenebras Lab (PTL), from saturday to thursday. PTL brought their nice Reprap 3d printer, which was printing most of the time at the booth. Thanks a lot to Sebastien for the demonstrations and the expertise on the printer. The effervescence was complete, visitors came non stop all the week to ask questions and see the it in action. It was very tiring but we made a lot of interesting encounters.

FIXME took Nemen's robot and a set of lock picking tools. The tools were nice to explain the Hacker spirit, trying to understand how it works and not being interested at breaking doors. The robot had a great success amoung children as well as a couple of LEDs throwies.