AG 2012 December

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To discuss

Comitee election

  • Président: Crazygolem
  • Secrétaire: Nemen
  • Caissier: Prosouth
  • Logistique: Rorist


  • Accounts balance and presentation
  • Transparency on the account (regular point?)
  • Budget for buying stuff, budget in general.
  • Taskforce groups
    • Create a group for getting public subventions, being of public utility
    • New local (search, subventions, ...)
  • Set up new payment methods (for membership, donations, burgers, etc)
    • Open a Paypal account
    • Set up a Bitcoin wallet<ref>Use QR codes to pay for things from the fridge, à la PTL</ref>
    • Fix credit card reader to accept cc's and postfinance (?)


  • Align membership on January, so everyone has the same period (easier to manage)
  • Remove subscription fees (30chf)
  • More members with the keys ?
  • Add a new membership, see Meeting_20120914
  • Should we put a new way to elect exceptions ? (like gcmalloc/nemen)
  • Should we continue with such exceptions ?
  • Should we add a subscription/donation form with Paypal on Fixme website?

Proposition 1 (Rorist)

  • 25.-/month (300.-/year)
  • Key validation by 3 keys members

Proposition 2 (Nemen)

  • 30.-/monthly or 330.-/yearly (1 free month)
  • -50% for students
  • Key validation by 2 keys members

Proposition 3 (Crazygolem)

Fee 1: CHF 100 / month

  • One free Key
  • One free locker upon request
  • Priority over Fee 2 members for lockers

Fee 2: CHF 30 / month

  • Key
    • Only if validated by 5 members that have a key (validation is revocable: chain of trust model)
  • Locker
    • If available
    • Locker attribution can be revoked (with prior notice) for Fee 1 members

Fee 3: CHF 10 / month

  • No key
  • No locker

Packs & Bonuses

  • Key: CHF 10 / month
  • Locker: CHF 10 / month
  • 50% on fees (not on packs) for students

Proposition 4 (Prosouth)

  • 35.- / month and each new active member you bring to the hackerspace you get 5chf off
  • Ask people who don't pay why they don't pay and ask them if they want to cancel their membership

Proposition 5 (Sasha)

  • 5 CHF/Month - Tier 1 (same as current)
  • 25 CHF/Month - Tier 2 + Key

To advance to new tier, 2 members of higher tier(s) must advance you. For students the discount is 50%. Also set up automatic payment reminders via email, for easy payment via PayPal, Postfinance, BTC and anything else of use, allowing for easier management of monthly payments.

Other stuff

  • Results of the roles, what to do with all this stuff that has to be done ?
  • Being member of the CCC-CH
  • License for the wiki:
  • Licenses for work done for FIXME (Logo, flyers, etc)
    • CC licenses too restrictive ? (BY clause)
    • Require at least separate and more flexible license for FIXME (along with default CC / other license)
  • What is the commitee for ?
  • status of the actual role [Roles], speak about delegation and responsability of the members.
  • Can we transfer the bail to fixme as an association and not to a single person ? Would thermibel be ok with it ?
  • We must be more clear of how we work and what we do (do-ocracy, providing a space, people can/must organize stuff and they'll get support, ...)
  • Gcmalloc must send a mail to some music website
  • Encourage and advertise do-ocracy
  • Security/integrity (first aid kit, blouse, etc)
    • Fire extinguisher? Do we have one?
    • Simple safety procedures clearly visible - e.g. switch of power strip at electronics bench, turn off soldering iron when not in use
  • Is the lighting sufficient?

Bonus (to be discussed outsite an AG (ML, ...)

  • certificate and general security concern.
  • General discussion about the internal infrastructure and migration on the internal server.