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make a small web app that returns info about a product. info should be a string of text, as well as a flag (good/avoid_if_possible/avoid_at_all_costs or green/orange/red)

  • people with allergies would greatly benefit from this project
  • people looking to buy hardware (eg: linux-compatible) could also find it neat
  • other uses?

I am aware that other things exist that do more or less the same thing, only they do not allow you to use a custom database/repository (freedom of data!!)

Displayed/Saved Data

  • EAN code
  • product description
  • company (can be found within GS1 database)
  • link/URL
  • components (part included in hardware OR ingredients of food)


  • ID
  • name
  • full description
  • flag
  • link/URL


  • the user scans the EAN barcode, info is returned either as XML (for use with iPhone/android app) or as HTML (for browser)
  • the app should be able to search different "repositories" and assemble the output
  • user should be able to edit a product if is not in DB or if data is incomplete/incorrect
  • show company ownership from GS1 database, as well as the "company tree" (who really owns the firm selling that product)


  • no knowledge in iPhone app development
  • no knowledge in Android app development
  • lack of motivation to dig into GS1 API (I have it will post it soon) and information about company ownership


  • no hardware needed