Electronics evening

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  • Electronics meetings every Friday from 20h
  • Open for everyone (members and non-members)


  • Electronic design workshops (example : using Kicad,...)
  • Soldering workshops (example : on veroboard, on pcb, soldering the SMD components, ...)
  • Theory about electronics.
    • User:Petaflot was interested to give courses
    • filters (with self, condensator, resistor), amplification part with transistor or AOP
  • Have electronic kits to solder.
  • Work on collaborative electronic projects for the hackerspace.
    • meteo station
    • deco light in HS
    • monnaie account
    • waiting your idea
  • learn to use different microcontrolor (Coursera_Microcontroleur)

Electronic kits

  • Buy some kits:
    • From vendors like Conrad, etc (arduino, launchpad, raspiberry, explorer16, ...)
    • From open hardware projects
    • From other hackerspaces.
  • Make our own electronics kits:
    • Design.
    • Order or make PCBs.
    • Buy parts.
    • Package kits.
    • Promote our kits.

Electronic projects for the hackerspace


  • Hackerspace open sign.
  • Emergency "next" button for mpd.