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Drone Racing

  • We need to setup the protection net
  • What track do we do, so we protect the public and it's cool to watch
  • We'll need a screen and a receiver, diversity receiver would be good
    • we have a couple of small screens with receivers, and also a good diversity receiver we'll have to set on a big screen
  • Have a PC with a decent remote control and the LiftOff game installed, so people can safely try to race
  • The race was a succes, but we had an incident, Rorist was injured by his drone in the face while servicing it. Hence we created the Safety section on our Multicopter page: Multicopter#Safety

Track proposition

200px 200px


  • We need to upgrade the laptops to a new version of debian with Scratch
  • Print the scratch cards:
  • Nobody of the 7 participants showed up, the workshop was cancelled


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