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  • In the hobby, you don't say "drone", you'd rather say: multicopter, multirotor, quadcopter, hexacopter, fixed wing, etc etc

Multicopter at FIXME



FMD.png FFT.svg Fft-nemen.jpg Fft2.svg



  • Some design ideas for tracks
  • we currently have 3 working gates
  • Track 1




No fly zone (maps)



Hb9 frequences.png
Hb3 frequences.png

Frequency bands

Band No License HB3 License HB9 License Notes
431 - 433 MHz Forbidden 50 W 1000 W
433 - 435 MHz Forbidden 50 W 1000 W
435 - 437 MHz Forbidden 50 W 1000 W
868 MHz 25 mW Crossfire. Non-specific SRD using FHSS modulation
2300 - 2450 MHz 100W
2400 - 2483.5 MHz 100mW ISM Band
5470 - 5725 MHz 25 mW 100W?

Avoiding IMD

  • Evenly spaced channel can create intermodulation distortion (IMD)
  • Here an example of channels with more 40-50MHz separation which allow to theoricaly avoid such problem
Frequency 5645 5685 5740 5806 5860 5945
Channel E4 E2 F1 R5 F7 E8

with E=Boscam E, F=Fatshark ImRC, R=Raceband

Spots and Maps

Groups in Switzerland








  • Powercube PDB v1/v2 pinout (from left to right, up side up)
    • VTX: Video, Audio, Ground, Power
    • CAM: Audio, Power, Ground, Video

Flight Controller


Chargeur / Charger

  • TURNIGY P405 : simple d'utilisation
1/ Alimenter le chargeur / Power On the charger
2/ Sélectionner le type de batterie le touche Type (> 3s pour changer de selection) / Select the battery Type in pressing on the Type Key
3/ Changer le courant avec les touches display et start -> recommander: choisir la valeur batterie / Change the current 
4/ Presser sur Start et attendre / Press on Start Key and wait

Parallel charging

  • Don't charge batteries that have a lot of difference in tension (+10%) as too much current will from from one to an other more than the battery can hold
  • Don't charge batteries with different cell count (4 cells with 3 cells)
  1. Check all batteries with a LiPo checkers
  2. Order them by tension, group them accordingly
  3. Before charging, plug all the batteries on the parallel board WITHOUT the balance plug. When the batteries equalize, some important current can flow through them, the balance plug may burn if the board is not current limited
  4. Start charging and look at the cells tension to see they are all pretty much the same (~1-2V)
  5. Monitor the whole process, never charge unattended
  • Regularly check batteries temperature, in case of any sign of heat, turn off the charger immediately
  • In case of smoke, remove the charger from power immediately
  • Don't spray water, you can use dirt or sand to limit propagation of fire or a proper CO2 (ABCD) fire extinguisher



RSSI with FrSky

  • Most recents FrSky receivers (XM+, XSR, ...) have RSSI output on Channel 16
    • Very good to have RSSI forwarded to Betaflight OSD or other OSD compatible with PWM RSSI input from the receiver
    • No soldering required from the receiver to the FC/OSD !
  • Use this command in the CLI to configure Betaflight to access RSSI, be sure to have the latest version of Betaflight, it varied accross version.
 set max_aux_channels = 12 #12+4 = 16 channels
 set rssi_channel = 16
  • You can find official firmware with output on Channel 8 as well (look for RSSI8 or RSSI16)
    • Usefull for the TBS Core Pro/FPVision which only allow RSSI input from channels 1-10 (no configuration needed in BF)

Failsafe with FrSky

  • It's very very important to set the failsafe of the receiver correctly
  • By default it'll retain the last value of all channels, thus contuying on its course and prevent the fc to enter failsafe
  • Procedure:
    • Bind the receiver (bind mode on tx, turn on rx with the button pressed, turn off everything)
    • turn on the rx only, press the button once

Radiocommande / Remote Control




Plane, wing




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