Mitch Altman soldering workshop

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 Lots of cool kits

You will be able to practice soldering by using one of the following kits that Mitch will bring along with Jimmie:

price name description
€20 TV-B-Gone keychain turn off TVs in public places!
€20 TV-B-Gone kit turn off TVs in public places at 50 meters away!
€25 Brain Machine kit Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out! (kit version of TripGlasses)
€25 Mignonette Game kit make your own handheld game console!
€10 for one
€15 for two
Trippy RGB Waves kit interactive colored blinky lights art!
€20 LEDcube kit make low-res 3D animations in a cube!
€20 MiniPOV kit write messages in the air!
€20 "HELLO My Name Is..." Badge kit Geeky version of the sticker -- your name in blinky-lights!
€20 MintyBoost kit charge your USB enabled gadgets (including iPhones)!
€20 BoArduino kit make your own fully functional Arduino -- for solderless breadboards!
€20 Diavolino kit make your own fully functional Arduino -- with shield-compatible shape!
€15 programming and communications cable (FTDI Friend) program your Arduino-compatible projects with Windows, MacOS, or Linux!
€20 Open Heart kit animate fun patterns in the shape of a heart!
€20 LoL Shield kit Lots of LEDs! for your Arduino! (superbright: red, green, white, or blue)
€20 Drawdio kit make noise by drawing lines with this pencil!
€25 Atari Punk Console Make music and lots of noise!
€20 microcontroller programmer kit (USBtinyISP) program all your AVR family chips!
€5 Hackerspace Passport Collect hackerspace "visa" stamps from hackerspaces around the world!
€70 NeuroDreamer sleep mask, Sleep version Comfortably uses sound and light at brainwave frequencies to help you drift off to sleep...
€70 NeuroDreamer sleep mask, Lucid Dreaming version Comfortably helps you sleep, then helps you control your dreams!


We need to prepare the following items for his visit:

  • 100 AA batteries
  • 20 soldering iron stands would be nice
  • 20 small sponges (can be cut into smaller ones)
  • 10 extra soldering irons
  • 20 small wire cutters
  • Spool of 60/40 (Sn/Pb) rosin core solder
  • Print a bunch of copies of the "Soldering is Easy" comic book in French and English (maybe see with IRL if they can print a few?)

We already have the following things:

  • 8 soldering irons:
    • 2 good soldering irons
    • 5 soldering irons bought for previous workshop
    • 1 unknown cheap soldering iron
  • Unknown solder
  • Several hot glue guns
  • Several needle nose pliers
  • At least one solder sucker
  • Several wire strippers
  • Several rolls of solder wick
  • Several scissors
  • Projector/microphone/internet