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  • The printer is controller with any PC attached to USB and using the Cura software.
  • Use the lateste Cura and the "Printrbot simple 2014 maker edition" profile (see param)

Cura parameters

Simple1.png Simple2.png


  • Check the Z level (going at the axe home), the head must slightly touch the bed and not pressing on it
  • Check the filament freedom, as the simple doesn't have a spool holder
  • Check X and Y rope tension


  • It must be done once in a while
  • By manually going on each end X and Y, then homing Z. Always go up a little bit on Z before moving the head
  • Bed screws are now locked using some of those screw glue, so it should stay calibrated longer
  • Z end stop is glued, it was moving, Z axis should stay calibrated longer
  • There is a mechanical problem on the Y axis, to be calibrated the bed is not leveled compared to the ground, it's working though


Interesting stuff to print for testing the quality and calibration

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