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The problem is that Farnell will not sell us the Raspberry Pi's as individuals or even as an association, telling us to go to pay almost the double as what it costs at Digitec.


Open letter to Raspberry Pi Foundation

Write a letter to Raspi foundation explaining the situation. On etherpad.

Purchase through someone's work place

Get everyone to pay in advance on Fixme's postfinance, then pay as soon as the raspi's arrive.


Demander au Francois :)


Téléphoner au farnell en tant que acheteur.


Commande avec sa boite


Forum Complaints

So what is the real price of the Pi?


I thought that one of the main points of this project is the commitment to 25/35$ price.
But why Farnell, one of the official manufacturers, charges way more in countries other than UK and US?
you are forced to buy from "Approved Retailers" in different countries. The prices there range from around 60$ to 85$!!!
But never mind my case, the point of this post is that it is unfair to advertise a 35$ price when official retailers sell it for more!

jamesh (admin)

The official price from anywhere direct should be $25/$35 (plus the usual). Can you post where this is not the case and it will be investigated. I know Liz has in the past speoken to Farnell about this and they are looking in to it. More evidence will help!


Hi James,

You just go to the official link to Element 14 on the RPi site and click "Order Now".
The site prompts "Choose your country". You choose anything outside UK or US, say Greece.
Then click "Order now" under "Consumer" (not "Business").
Then you are greeted with:
"To purchase Raspberry Pi from one of our Approved Retailers click on the link for your country. "
Let's see how much these "official retailers" of Farnell in each country charge:
Austria: 57.83$
Belgium: ~46$
Czech Republic: 57.83$
Denmark: ~60$
Finland: ~63.4$
France: ~49$
Greece: ~66$
Ireland: ~50$
Israel: 55$ (not including 17% local VAT and 9.25$ local shipping)
Norway: ~68$
Poland: ~61$
Russia: ~85$ (!)
Slovakia: ~54$
South Africa: ~56$
Sweden: ~58$
Switzerland: ~64$

And that's the ones that list their prices on site. Some of the prices may not include taxes, and I think that all do not include shipping.
And there is no other way to buy from Element 14 but through these retailers, unless you're in UK or US.

jamesh (admin)

Thanks, I'll pass on the information.

Farnell - element 14 force consumers to buy from retailers

Element14 no longer sell RasPi for personal use?

RPF Blog

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 1.06.14 AM.png

When the RPF blog was describing the pricing of the raspberry pi, they clearly stated that in Switzerland it would cost 27.25£ with shipping. That equates to 38 CHF. This is only true for business customers right now, the rest pay 60 chf.


Suite au divers discussion il a été décidé d'acheter quelques unité de raspberrypi et les framboises sont arrivées.


Le stock initial est donc composé de 10 B+, alimentation 5v et 10 cartes SD 8 ou 16 GB.


-1 pirboazo / -1 Yvan : Emprunté le mardi 24.2.2015. Restitué le vendredi 26.6.2015. Pour lemanmake.

Stock courant

8 B+ ....


  • liste des utilisations ou utilisateurs
    • Pirboazo Usage personnel MdWiki Mediawiki raspbian wheezy boite du marché ...
    • Yvan. Usage pour tests lors du "Workshop" : MediaWiki, DidiWiki, Zim (Bloc notes), ...
  • Proposition d'utilisation Interne
    • Node NXT ( raspbian carte SD 8GB Boite FixMe )
  • Proposition pour vente sur stand
    • B+ installé ( avec apache et sqlite) et Boite Fixme
    • B+ Lecteur Vidéo et Boite Fixme
    • B+ station Météo ( est-ce que l'on serait faire ?