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List of TV and projection screens available at fixme, with a description of what they're for and what they can be used for.

Lounge Sony 32"

Telepresence FIXME.jpg

Used for Telepresence, displays live feed from PTL, and shares live feed from Fixme.

Lounge Sony 37"


720p, HDMI, VGA

Used for to show what's currently playing on MPD (also see stats) - need to connect everything correctly and permanently.

Can be used eventually with another Projector client Pi to share stuff?

Electronics Acer 15"

Currently unused, why not use it to display time or bus info?


Connected to Projector client which allows you to connect with VNC, Pulseaudio, AirPlay, and DLNA over the network to the sound system and projector; also connected to KVM switch and VGA cables.