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My projects

In progress

  • ChocoPrinter (for Leman Make)
  • Trigger status box
  • Coin sorter for Fixme
  • Ultimaker from scratch

On hold

Done / Participation

To Do


Euthanized :D

Autonomous robot

The goal is to make an autonomous robot, based on a snow plow R/C model, randomly moving in a space (rooms, corridors, ...) while avoiding obstacles with its sensors.



  • Snow Plow R/C model
  • Arduino Duemilanove
  • IR sensor: Sharp IR GP2Y0A02YK
  • Ultrasonic sensor: SRF05
  • Servo motor

Detailed description

Mobility: provided by snow plow original tracks and motors.

IR sensor: mounted on the servor motor and used to scan an angle of 120° in front of the robot. Used as a kind of long distance proximity sensor to detect obstacles in advance and let th AI take the right decision.

Ultrasonic sensor: used to detect only front obstacles. Used for emmergency stop in case the IR sensor miss something.

Servo motor: used to sweep an angle of 120° (60° left ans 60° right) in front of the robot.


In a first time, move avoiding obstacles.

In a second time, anticipate obstacles to move more lightly avoiding zig-zag between walls/obstacles.