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Hello there :3

Who am I ?

Basically another mad geek. I like: Photography, (Random-)hiking, electronics, nature, books, music (I kinda like all styles of music ^^).

I am currently studying at the Engineering School


Size: Small/Medium

Why am I interested to join the HS ?

First of all learn new things (PCB Etching, electronics, programming), meet people, discuss about stuff.

Current projects

Wiki Maintenance

Wiki maintenance

Plastic recycling

I'm currently working on a filabot-like to recycle unused plastics (HDPE from Pet bottles caps, PLA from 3d printed parts etc) If you want to join the project don't hesitate to contact me ;)

The project now has his own page, check it out ! Filament_extruder

Where can you find me ?

On twitter: @_noskill

Or send me an email at noskill [at] fixme [dot] ch