Vinyl Cutter

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  • Brand: Graphtec
  • Model Name: Craft ROBO ProS
  • Model N°: CE5000-40-CRP

Vinyl Cutter 1.jpg Vinyl Cutter 2.jpg Vinyl Cutter 3.jpg


There is a Linux software to use the vinyl cutter: inkcut

First, you have to install the vinyl cutter as a printer on your system.

Then, install the dependancies:

 sudo apt install python3-pip python3-pyqt5 libcups2-dev

Install inkcut:

 pip install inkcut

Finaly, in terminal run it:


Inkcut start.png

Go to the Device menu > Setup...

Inkcut config general.png Inkcut config connection.png

Choose Inkcut Generic Driver in Driver on General tab. Choose the printer name in Port on Connection tab.


Use vinyl (Lawl ^^)

Vinyl Cutter example.jpg