Hackerspace in Renens near Lausanne, Switzerland since 2010.

The space is open on different days, check the open status on the website (top-left) and twitter, mastodon, the chat, the calendar and the wiki...

Free and open for everyone.


There are two member levels. Every level states a minimum, you are encouraged to give more.

  • Active: 384.- / year (32.- / month) OR MORE (50% for student/AI/AVS/unemployed) 
  • Standard: 48.- / year OR MORE
  • Active members have access to the space without restriction and own a key. They are eligible for a locker.

By filling this form, you accept the internal regulation [french].

Custom membership fee if wanted. Minimum is defined by the type, you are encouraged to give more.
in the form of +4179XXXXXXX

Association has been created!


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