Events update

Hi there,

Here's the update for the next monthes,

25.01.2013 19h: CTFriday: Insomni'Hack training

 Each year we're participating to the Insomni'Hack CTF in Geneva. This year it'll take place at Palexpo on the 22nd of march! So we need to train and organize! Everyone is welcome of course.

09.02.2013 12h: Coding Nigth #4

The coding night comes back, and this time it'll start in the afternoon. We'll pick a project from the wiki page one week before the event, and start splitting the tasks. The used technologies will be choosen at the event, as well as the team of 2 people working on the different tasks.

26.02.2013 19h: Raspberry PI workshop

Everyone has an RPi, so it's time to share which project everyone has, what are the ideas, what's exciting and what's not. The event will consists of some short presentations on project, 10mn in average, you can register your(s) on the wiki page!

Finally, we never emphase enough on this point, everyone is welcome on these events, it's free and open.
Happy hacking!