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  • The coding night after the end of the world.
  • Date: 9th February 2013
  • You can add your own ideas under there or place your vote on an idea that you find fun. The delay is on the 2 of february for the last input on this page.
  • The corresponding trello board :


  • Develop a very simple white board on a web page which could be used to draw anything using the mouse or write whatever using the keyboard to express your statements to other team mates, no matter how far they stay physically. As long as they all are participants into the same white board session, they all can see what you draw or write on the white board right after you are done, and for that they don’t have to refresh their pages. The moment you draw something on the white board , or, write something on the chat window, all other persons are able to see it instantly. Similarly, you are also able to see their instant response when any other participant draws a figure on the white board or writes something on the discussion window.
  • An app reproduicing the feeling of post it on a whiteboard.