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Checklist for creating or deleting accounts

Checklist for new comer

  • Bulding key
  • Local key
  • Locker key and number
  • Invite to create mattermost account
  • Send welcome PDF automatic
  • Invite new member to create a wiki account
  • Pass on our internal regulation
  • Pass on our status
  • Register in odoo

Checklist for new comer in comité

  • Create address
  • Add personal address in group
  • Invite user at channel #comite
  • Create Odoo account
  • Enable access on Google Docs
  • Give the key to the comitee locker

Checklist for communication responsable

  • Access at fixme twitter account
  • Access at fixme facebook account
  • Access at drupal account for editing the website

Checklist for a person leaving fixme

  • Bulding key
  • Local key
  • Compartement key
  • Remove slack account

Checklist for a person leaving the comité

  • Remove address
  • Remove personal address in group
  • Remove user from channel #comite
  • Remove Odoo account
  • Disable access on Google Docs
  • Get back the comitee locker key
  • Date reception e-mail to quit Fixme

Checklist for communication responsable

  • Remove access at fixme twitter account
  • Remove access at fixme facebook account
  • Remove access at drupal account for editing the website