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Projects Proposition

Just add your project down the list :) The proposed projects are:

  • The unused ideas from CodingNight1 could be reused.
  • A webapp to search for electronic component on different site and find the cheapest easily.
  • A simple way to add key and create repository on top of gitosis (something very light).
  • An mpd plugin for soundcloud.
  • A pizza CLI interface for or pizza around the hackerspace.
  • Display the actual song, previous song and next song of mpd in a browser in an asynchronous fashion.
  • Little game for the rmll, sound related.
  • App for holycow ordering?
  • CTF challenge creation (custom service on a serveur port in order to give challenge to solve. If solved, access granted?)


  • create a tron like game in javascript and html5


Pretty raw for the moment. (6 AM on the 17 of march) We have :


that run in browser only