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We have three network zones. Internet access is provided by a long range Wifi access point, the Ubiquity Nanostation.

Public IP network


  • Network:
  • Netmask: CIDR: /26
  • DHCP range:
  • WiFi: FIXME 5GHz
  • DNS1:
  • DNS2:
IP Name Description 62-220-135-* WiFi DHCP pool The fixme printer with a cups server Public PC 1 (Ubuntu), wakeonlan 00:08:02:ca:51:ce Public PC 2 (Debian) -> IP used for misc RPi projects fixme internal server Public PC 3 (Debian) fixme internal server, second interface NATed Access Point (pfsense) WiFi Access Point WiFi Gateway / Router Raspberry PI running rtl-sdr on port tcp/1234 3D printer network webcam Raspi Telepresence device Printing machine for the Ultimaker ATLAS Probe RIPE-Atlas-Probe-620, Projector server on a raspi Cloud: Cloud@FIXME LEDs control: LED_Retrofit, Control, temp sensors for SpaceAPI


IPv6 Documentation

  • Network: 2001:788:dead::/48
  • DNS1: 2001:788::14
  • DNS2: 2001:788::15



IPv6 Name Description
2001:788:dead:beef::1 router Netgear AP/router
2001:788:dead:beef::2 Public PC 1 (Ubuntu), wakeonlan 00:08:02:ca:51:ce
2001:788:dead:beef::5 fixme internal server



Wifi: FIXME IPv6 access for free

  • 2001:788:dead:bee::/64


  • 130: FIXME-NAT
  • 135: FIXME public (+ cloud)

LAN network (NAT)

No firewall rules to block WAN or DEV networks

  • Network:
  • Netmask: CIDR: /24
  • Router:
  • DHCP range:
  • DNS1:
  • DNS2:
IP Name Description Fablab printer

Wi-Fi Networks

We are running the Unifi Controller application in a docker container on server Foo.


Netmaster doc

File:FIXME network.odg

Project Leaders

Pictures is sluggish Swisscom's CNLab speed test 1er test de fixation de l'antenne. A l'aide d'une Trotinette :-) 3rd fixation attempt. More or less the definitive version.

4th fixation: on the building roof in Lausanne!