Vending Machine

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Use a touchscreen device with barcode scanner to sell drinks and other products, and allow for easy control of the trigger and lights.


  • Create a cheap and small touchscreen interface to interface the stock of drinks and snacks, and have a convenient interface for trigger and LED control from the fridge.
  • Incorporate barcode scanner to scan product - this allows to show clear price on touchscreen and image to confirm product, also allows to see remaining stock and statistics
  • Have prepaid cards to ease cash flow and make buying things easier for members (with barcode)
  • Also allow for future expansion of other products (e.g. usb cables, boards, etc)
  • Count coins with coin validator


Sasha has no knowledge of code. Or how to use git.


Option A

Option B

  • Old/cheap android tablet with USB OTG (as little as $45)
  • Barcode scanner
  • Coin Validator


RPi Vending Machine Solution