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I'm a tinkerer, a hacker and a maker. I have worked on the following projets:

  • Laser Cutter Testing various settings, calibrating and cleaning machine, documentation on how to use, and troubleshooting
  • Doorbell A virtual doorbell that allows people without a card to access the space easily, by alerting people already in the space using audio, visual and push notifications
  • Control Created a hub for controlling things (primarily LEDs) and reading sensor data
  • Sticker printer Thermal printer that prints nice stickers like QR codes and other useful things
  • Projector client A Raspberry Pi that allows anyone from a Mac/Linux/Windows computer, or an Android/iOS device, to share audio/video/screen wirelessly to a projector and a TV
  • LED Retrofit Control LEDs and relays from a web interface, with additional Internet of Things applications in development (wiki page is outdated)
  • Website intended to be a 'hub' for hackerspaces in Switzerland, with a dynamically updating map
  • Ultimaker Main 3D printer at fixme (I mostly worked on polishing up the documentation and helping new comers out to understand it)

Other projects that haven't been worked on much: